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How to show other content (such as an ad) after every “X” number of posts

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  • Inserting ads after every 7th post in WordPress home page
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Inserting ads between every 7th post of homepage and category wordpress page

I am trying to insert google ads between every 7th posts in my wordpress site with infinite scroll. i searched and found results but that didn’t worked for me because the WordPress theme i am using is little complex. the result i found was to add this code

<?php $postnum++; if($postnum%5 == 0) { ?>
<?php } ?>

after <?php endwhile; ?> in index.php, but in my case the loop is different from the general wordpress theme. the loop i have is like this and i want to know how can i implement the above code in my case.

Answer :

Try this in front-page.php. You may have to adjust it to add after correct number of posts.

if( $wp_query -> post_count > 0 ){      $postnum = 0;        foreach( $wp_query -> posts as $post ){          $postnum++;            if( $postnum%5 == 0 ) {            echo '

—- insert ad here —-

‘; } $wp_query -> the_post(); $post_id = $post -> ID; ?>

it should replace this bit of code

  if( $wp_query -> post_count > 0 ){                      foreach( $wp_query -> posts as $post ){                          $wp_query -> the_post();                          $post_id = $post -> ID;              ?>

Inserting ads after every 7th post in wordpress home page

What you can do is to create a $counter then to display based on it the adcode. So the final code for you will be this one:

$counter = 1;  if(have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>        }  if ( floatval(get_bloginfo('version')) < "3.6" ) { //old post formats before they got built into the core get_template_part( 'includes/post-templates-pre-3-6/entry', get_post_format() ); } else { //WP 3.6+ post formats get_template_part( 'includes/post-templates/entry', get_post_format() ); } ?-->    


We just increment the $counter, and display the [adcode] after each seven posts.


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