Best Adsense Highest CPC Keywords In Bangladesh

As a frequent AdSense user, I actually have gained enough data concerning the CPM rates and the way it operates. However, I actually have additionally seen that there’s not enough information gift on the web. Here, I actually have force out some stats to share with you, and you’ll gain some data concerning the CPM you’ll earn from Bangaladesh traffic. you must additionally check the ideas mentioned at the tip of this text which may facilitate boost the AdSense earnings simply with slight modifications.

AdSense CPM Rates in Bangladesh: Ad Types

Here is an overview of the AdSense CPM or impression RPM rates for the popular ad types. The Google AdSense CPM rates in UAE for display, native, in-article, matched content, and in-page ads follows:-

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Bangladesh: Ad Size

While you might think that ad sizes are not that big of a deal, it is more important than you can think. On the Display Network, the websites that ultimately publish ads control the ad size that gets featured. So, if they wish to have banner images on sides or top or bottom, you cannot want to publish everything as half a page of the ad. If you have the wrong size, your campaign will immediately be limited.

The CPM rates are largely dependent on Ad Sizes. Therefore, you would want to choose an ad size that can be accommodative and fit more ad sizes. Depending upon the CPM rate, the ad size best for Bangladesh traffic is clearly 300×250, for it renders the highest CPC rates.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Bangladesh: Ad Format Types

The CPC and CPM rates that you’re going to see here are for traffic from Bangladesh, and the niche of the blog is educational. So the common ad formats, along with the CPM rates, are included here.

Here is what you can be expecting from your Bangladesh traffic based on different ad formats-

  • In-page-  3 cents
  • In-article- 3 cents
  • Anchor- 2 cents
  • Vignette- 2 cents

The CPC rates seem fairly low irrespective of ad formats, but digital marketing is yet to be a fully familiarised concept there. As it penetrates better, it would skyrocket.

It is important to know that generally, auto display ads have the highest viewability and yet have low CPMs because the click-through rates are low. Therefore, if you have enabled auto ads, you need to keep a check on CPMs generated. The CPMs for many ad formats like display, native and in-article are so similar that they can practically be interchanged. The average for Bangladesh traffic is about 2.5 cents. However, depending upon the niche, it might increase or decrease.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Bangladesh: Device Types

Device type plays an important role in deciding on CPM, CPC, CTR, and such metrics. It is explicit that some campaigns do better on the desktop while some are good on mobiles, and depending upon that, the demand from the advertisers varies. It is given that it might also lead to some fluctuations in CPC. The CTR from mobiles is very different from that of the desktop. Here, you will find an RPM report focusing on device types. Generally, the CPM for desktop is higher in comparison with mobiles.

For Bangladesh, you can expect a CPC of-

  • Mobile- 2 cents
  • Desktop- 5 cents
  • Tablets- 3 cents

As you can see, the CPC for desktop remained the highest.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Bangladesh: Targeting Types

There are two primary kinds of targeting for advertisers- contextual and personalized.

  • Contextual targeting plays an important role in the incomprehension of what the audience intends to do and shows ads.
  • Personalized targeting considers data like the accounts the user visited, their interactions, and many other such factors.

Generally, personalized targeting renders higher CPM rates than contextual targeting.

As you can see, the best one shown in the graph too as contextual targeting. Here is a list of CPM you can expect from Bangladesh traffic-

  • Contextual- 2 cents
  • Personalized- 3 cents
  • RON- 3 cents
  • Placement- 3 cents
  • None- 20 cents

If you see that higher impressions are being served on Run On Network targeting type, it is an indication that advertisers do not properly target your site, and you must add keywords in your articles. Again, RON has the lowest bids.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Bangladesh: Bid Types

To get a better understanding of the ad type that is being shown on your website, you have to understand the bid types on AdSense positively. It is necessary because different platforms operate differently. While publisher websites are almost flooded with Google Ads from AdWords and DBM, it is essential to understand how both of these work. AdWords is operative on a cost-per-click model, which DBM operates on a cost-per-click model. The ad sizes that render the best CPMs are 970×300, 300×600, 336×280, so definitely consider these of your CPM bids a good percentage.

AdSense Bid Type Rates: Bangladesh

It is important to remember that the bigger the ad size, the better number of ad sizes can be put in, which would hike the overall competition and auction pressure.  These ad units- 900×90, 900×120, 970×250, 336×280 can be accommodated in a 970×300, and that makes 970×300 the better ad size compared with 970×250, which fails to accommodate the ad unit of 336×280.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Bangladesh: Creative Types

Despite the less relevancy of this, you must necessarily know the kind of ad creatives being served on your website and what revenue comes from it. Currently, HTML5 ads have taken the audience by a spur and are becoming increasingly popular, so much so that the majority of revenue is generated by them only.

AdSense Creative Type Rates: Bangladesh

You can see the CPC rates generated by each creative type and that HTML5 generated the highest CPC of 6 cents and Flash, the lowest of 1 cent. You can also see how vastly HTML5 follows preferred Text, but HTML5 is continuing to gain popularity.

Despite most ads having the same viewability, you can see how native ads have a higher viewability of almost 20% more than what other ads gain. This is because the metric of ad viewability is so important, and you can retain CPMs based on that in the long run.

Quick Ways to Increase AdSense CPC or Page RPM

Based on the percentage of device kind- mobile to desktop traffic split, you should work on your ad setup and make a little change.

If most of your traffic comes from Mobile and the same is around 90%- You need to place a 300×250 ad unit-

  • at the beginning of the content
  • after the third paragraph of content
  • in the middle of content
  • before the last paragraph of content.

If you have some desktop traffic too-  like 30%:40%-

  • You could use 600×300 or 700×300 display ad unit for desktop and 300×250 ad unit for mobile as given in the positions mentioned above. You can do the same with the help of the Quick AdSense plugin, and the ad sizes can be worked with, with the use of media query.
  • If not, you can make separate ad units of the given sizes and serve them through the Advanced ads WordPress plugin. Additionally, use the sidebar as a unit of 300×600.
  • It is strongly recommended not to use the 728×90 top bar ad unit.

Final Words: Focus on Keywords and CTR

You need to focus immensely on ad viewability, click-through rate, and CPC rates if you wish to increase your ad revenue from Google AdSense. Of course, you could indulge with high-paying keywords by choosing a niche, so be careful with that, ad optimize ad placement for better CTR for higher revenue. I hope this helps.

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