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You must be surprised to hear about free cryptocurrency income. Because most of us know that cryptocurrencies are very expensive, this type of digital currency has to be bought for a hefty sum of money or cryptocurrency mining.
Yes, you heard right. There are several other ways to make a cryptocurrency income, mainly through these two types. But here we will not share the way to buy cryptocurrency for money. A type of cryptocurrency called PI allows you to earn income for free from your mobile.
You must be even more shocked to hear about free cryptocurrency income from mobile. There is nothing surprising here. Because those who read my blog regularly know that I have never written an article on this blog about any tempting information, offer, income or wrong investment. So I will not give any wrong information here, you can keep that asta.
In the last post I shared a detailed post about Bitcoin. If you have no idea about Bitcoin then you can read the post. Because after learning about Bitcoin , the cryptocurrency issue will become clear to you. So, read the post by clicking on my request link.
Here we will show you how to earn cryptocurrency income for free by mining PI cryptocurrency. Also, what is PI cryptocurrency, how does PI cryptocurrency work and what is the market value of this cryptocurrency? So let’s start the main work without further ado.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that has a virtual form that you cannot touch. But you can see this coin through your computer, laptop and mobile and save this coin in your digital wallet.
Cryptocurrency is not issued by any country’s government or bank, is created by a cyber expert based on blockchain technology and is protected by cryptography. Cryptography is a type of encryption security system that provides security to this digital currency and it is not possible for anyone to disguise or cheat with it.
However, just as it is possible to buy something using other money and currencies, in most countries of the developed world it is possible to buy anything using cryptocurrency. The idea is that in the future, people will use digital currency or cryptocurrency more than paper money, so the demand for cryptocurrency will increase at a huge rate in the market.

What is Bitcoin?

When we hear the name cryptocurrency, we first think of bitcoin. Because Bitcoin is currently the most expensive cryptocurrency among all cryptocurrencies. But cryptocurrency is not just bitcoin. Because besides Bitcoin, there are currently more than two thousand cryptocurrency markets.
Numerous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have entered the market but have become extinct as they have not been able to establish their position in all the markets. Only a handful of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have been able to hold their own. And those who have survived and made cryptocurrency income have become millionaires and billionaires in a very short time.
I don’t want to say more about cryptocurrency. Because our blog has a complete guideline in this regard. You can read more about cryptocurrency on my blog.
Now we will discuss a new cryptocurrency called PI. Because since the launch of this currency has caused a stir in different countries of the world. Therefore, when the tone of discussion has risen, our country should also try to mine this cryptocurrency. And here I will show you how to make PI cryptocurrency income for free .

What is PI cryptocurrency?

PI Cryptocurrency (Digital) was created in March 2019 by three PhD graduates studying at Stanford University in California. It is by far the only cryptocurrency that can be mined with mobile. In other words, in the past it was not possible to do any kind of digital currency or cryptocurrency mining with mobile.
Although the cryptocurrency mining process is quite complex and expensive and requires special equipment for mining, this complex process has been made the easiest in the PI network. So if you want, you can earn PI cryptocurrency for free without spending any money from your mobile.
Before mining PI cryptocurrency, you need to download and install PI’s mobile app from PI’s official website or from Google Play Store. Then you need to create a PI account using your mobile number or Facebook ID. Below I will show the whole process of creating an account:

How to create a PI account?

To create a PI cryptocurrency account, you must first install the PI application on your mobile. There are usually two ways to download the PI app. One is from PI’s official website and the other is from Google Play Store. Click on this link to download from the official website . And to install from Play Store, go to Google Play Store and search by typing PI Network.
After installing the PI cryptocurrency app on your mobile, if you activate the mobile net and run the PI app, the image below will show. Then follow the steps below to create an account.
How to create a PI account?
In the image above you can see two options. If you want to create a PI account using your Facebook account, click Continue with Facebook in the image above. Otherwise click on Continue with phone number in the second part. I will personally suggest to account with your mobile number.
Step 2: How to create a PI account?
Here you have to select Bangladesh first by clicking on the drop down icon of the 1st part marked with the arrow in the image above. In this case, if you are in another country, then you have to select the name of that country.
Then type your mobile number in part 2 and click on Go option in part 3 shown in the picture. If everything is OK after clicking on the Go option, you can now see part of the image below.
Step 3: How to create a PI account?
In this section you need to set a password. This password is very important. Because if for some reason you are logged out then you have to login using this password. Setting a password requires a capital letter and a minimum number. After typing the password in part 1 and part 2, click on Submit in part 3.
Step 4: How to create a PI account?

Here you need to set your original name. Because if you do not set the original name, you will not be able to transact or withdraw your earned cryptocurrency later. So the name that is given in your voter ID card or birth registration, you have to use the correct name here.

So set your First Name and Last Name in the 1st and 2nd part of the image above. Then you have to give a unique username in part 3. Using this name you basically do all the work including currency transfer from your account. Finally, you have to click on Submit Part 4.
Step 5: How to create a PI account?
This section will require an invitation code. See the image above. Here PI itself says that this Invitation Code must be given compulsorily. Otherwise you will not be able to fully create your account. This can be called a type of referrer ID.
Here  you can use my code harunpolice as Invitation Code . However, if you have someone else’s code, you should not use my referral code. All in all, you need to use someone’s referral code to activate your account.
Because PI itself says they basically provide cryptocurrency based on referrer activity. So there is no chance to say that I am taking advantage of you by taking the account. Because if you want to create an account, you must use the referral ID of someone other than me.
Then when you put the harunpolice code in part 1 of the image above and click on the submit button in part 2, you will see the following options. In this case, if you do not use the referral code, you can not go to the next step.
Step 7: How to create a PI account?
Finally, click on the purple GET STARTED button in the image above to create a PI cryptocurrency account.

How to do PI cryptocurrency mining?

After successfully completing all of the above, you need to start mining PI cryptocurrency. Because by mining you basically have to increase your cryptocurrency income. Follow the steps below to do PI cryptocurrency mining.
How to do PI cryptocurrency mining?
From here, things get trickier for PI cryptocurrency mining. To mine PI cryptocurrency you need to touch the top of the purple circle in the image above. Only then will your cryptocurrency mining process begin.
⚠️ Important Note:One thing to keep in mind is that once the button in the image above is clicked, the cryptocurrency mining process will continue for up to 24 hours. Then after 24 hours you have to click on the same button again. Otherwise your mining process will stop. The bottom line is that if you don’t click the mining button at least once a day, you won’t have any income from PI.

What is the current value of PI cryptocurrency?

In fact PI cryptocurrency has not been launched yet. So now its market value cannot be determined. However, most people think that with the introduction of PI, the price of a pie will be a minimum of ১ 1 to ৫ 2.50. So you still focus on mining without worrying about the market value of PI.
Moreover, since there is no risk of investing here, you do not have to worry much about it. However, I think the minimum price of each PI will be-5-10 by 2030. So if you can deposit 10,000 PI cryptocurrencies by 2030, you will own 10000 × 5 = 00 50000 by 2030. Which is about 43 lakh rupees in Bengali rupees.
So you keep mining without thinking about the current market value of PI. Because when Bitcoin came on the market in 2009, no one was willing to take Bitcoin for free. But in just 12 years, the value of a bitcoin is about 45 lakh rupees. That is why I am telling you again and again that you can use that opportunity now.

Last word

By reading this post you have got a clear idea about PI cryptocurrency. Moreover, you have learned about how cryptocurrency has become popular in the past. So after knowing everything, if you think that the demand for PI cryptocurrency may increase in future, then you can start mining now.
Moreover, I would like to ask you, why don’t you do PI cryptocurrency mining? Since there is no need to invest money and spend a lot of time behind it, I do not see any reason behind not mining PI cryptocurrency.
Open an account on your mobile and visit once a day. If one day the price of PI cryptocurrency goes up, you will be able to earn big money by selling the currency deposited with you at a higher price.

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