Get GP SIM for only 5 Taka 100 MB validity 3 days Everyone will get.

Assalamualaikum I hope everyone is well! And if you are a little upset, then today’s post is like making the mind happy.

So many of us have such an amount of 5 to 6 rupees in these development banking rockets or cash mobile banking.
Even if we want to, we can’t withdraw or recharge our mobiles because we can’t recharge our mobiles in Bangladesh without a minimum of Tk.

So what if you could buy 100 MB of data on your Grameenphone SIM with 5 bucks left in your development or rocket?
I know everyone would be a little better, because a lot of the time in an emergency, the data runs out at that time 100mb and many more.

So through today’s post you will know how to easily get 100 MB data with only 5 taka.
So you will get 100 MB data for only 5 taka which is valid for 3 days and you can buy this pack every 15 days.

So let’s get started.
Since we have to take it from an organization called * ICT *, of course Click on this link to go to their Facebook page.
And by clicking on the message option, first write * GP 100MB * and send.
This time they will give you a number. So you go to your bKash account and send 5 taka to that number.
Then if they want your number, they will give you the Banglalink number. Now give a verification code to the number you give.
So after sending money, you will get the transaction ID and copy it! Send them to ICT’s Facebook page.
You will get 100 megabytes in maximum 5 minutes after completing the diameter work.
So for those who don’t understand how to do it, you can hopefully understand the screenshot below.

So I hope you understand very easily, but if you still have problems understanding – of course, please comment in the comments section. Inshallah I will try to explain to you.
Note: Those who have not yet received megabytes of banglalink, do not worry, will get it by 12 tonight. There was a problem with their server due to a lot of orders at once so it was a little late.

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