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GP Minute Pack | GP Minute Pack Flexiplan: Minute packs save money for Grameenphone customers. It is very handy for all types of GP users. Everyone who knows about GP minute packs often buys it and gets used to it. Because talking with mobile balance causes a fast decrease in their SIM balance. There are different types of minute packs available in Grameenphone. There are regular minute packs and some of the minute packs arrive occasionally. Today in this article we will only talk about the regular minute packs. Which are available for a long period of time.

GP Minute Pack

I have mentioned a thing before, that is there are regular packs and occasional packs. Regular GP minute packs are available for a long period of time and occasional or festival packs are temporary. To get those temporary festival GP minute packs, you have to check your SMS from the customer service of GP frequently. By checking the GP customer service SMS can help you to grab those temporary GP minute packs. To get more information visit GP Minute Pack.

But there are the regular packs that are mostly used by GP users. We are providing the details of GP minute packs in the following:

Package Cost in BDT Duration/Validity Activating Process
500 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) 298 Taka 30 Days Dial *121*5074#
400 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) 233 Taka 15 Days Dial *121*4008#
330 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) 199 Taka 30 Days Dial *121*4018#
200 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) 117 Taka 10 Days Dial *121*4007#
160 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) 99 Taka 7 Days Dial *121*4006#
100 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) 59 Taka 7 Days Dial *121*4205#
85 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)+ 50 SMS  53 Taka 7 Days Dial *121*4004#
70 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) 44 Taka  7 Days Dial *121*4003#
40 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)  24 Taka  24 Hours Dial *121*4002#
23 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) 14 Taka 16 hours  Dial *121*4001#
10 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) 6 Taka  6 Hours Dial  *121*4024#

GP Postpaid Minute Pack

We haven’t found any GP postpaid minute packs separately. There are no special or separate packages for postpaid users. We think that these packages are for postpaid and prepaid users. It means you can claim these packages in postpaid sim too. We hope you can. These packs are available for all GP users except Skitto users. That means anyone from postpaid or prepaid can buy these GP minute packs. Still, if you face any problem buying these GP minute packs from the postpaid sim, leave a comment below and let us know.

How to buy a GP minute pack

The process is so very easy. And we all know how to dial those USSD codes right? If you knwo the USSD code then follow the following steps. If you don’t know the USSD code look through the above list.

  • Go to the Call bar on your phone.
  • Then dial the USSD code for the pack you want
  • Then now select the GP operator on your phone
  • Wait only for  1-5 seconds and finally, you will get an SMS of the packs.

GP Minute Pack by Flexi plan

Buying a minute pack from the Flexi plan is super easy. It is more customizable. You can select any of the amounts and their validity. You can buy a GP minute pack from Flexi Plan mobile app or directly from the web.

GP Minute Pack by Flexi plan

You can use both the Flexi plan app or web version for buying minute packs. If you face any difficulties, leave a comment. We are here to help you.

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