How to increase digestive energy (Top 5 Home Remedies)

Can we strengthen the digestive system? In response to this question, nutritionists say that increasing or strengthening digestion is a bit complicated. Because not all people have the same kind of digestion. Many people can digest the same type of food and many cannot.

In that case some steps can be taken by monitoring the tolerance of food to the individual which facilitates the process of digestion.

Why is digestion important?

Digestion is very important for good health. If it is interrupted or any kind of problem occurs, the whole body can become paralyzed.

In this regard, nutritionist Syed Sharmin Akhter said, if the absorption capacity is not complete, it affects the whole body.

According to him, the process of absorption is completed by combining one food with another. This can lead to physical problems such as weight gain, increased lipid profile, increased uric acid, and increased blood glucose.

Nutritionist Dr. Tasnim Hasin Papia said there are three steps in the digestion process. These are the food that is being eaten, the food is fully digested and after digestion, it is absorbed by the body. He said that these three steps are important for the body.

According to him, digestive problems do not mean just gas problems, diarrhea, or just constipation.

‘These are very immediate effects. These occur immediately when the digestive process is disrupted. There are also some indirect effects.

Obstruction of the digestive process can lead to problems such as weight gain and obesity. In addition, the body does not get enough nutrition even after eating a lot of food.

Honiara, a nutritionist and general secretary of the Association of Nutritionists and Digestion, said digestion is very important for pregnant mothers and babies. This is because adequate nutrition is not guaranteed if the digestion process is not normal. As a result, the development of the fetus may be hindered.

How to increase digestion?

Each person’s metabolism or digestion is different. It is often seen that one person becomes fat even after eating the same food but the other does not. Nutritionists say that such problems are seen in those who stay in hostels.

1. Observations:

The first thing to do is to notice what problems a person is having while eating. Nutritionist Dr. Tasnim Hasin Papia said, most of the people in our country do not understand that they are having problems with any food. That is why they are gradually eliminating almost all kinds of food. For example, oil fried food, milk or burnt food, sour food etc.

For example, many people have problems digesting lacto or milk. In that case, it is necessary to gradually increase its tolerance without eliminating milk or dairy foods. This is because even though the body stops secreting a type of enzyme called lactase, which is necessary for digestion of milk, it is possible to start secreting it again. And for this reason, it is important to know which food has a digestive process that is obstructed or has problems.

In addition, the lack of certain vitamins can often lead to poor digestion. In that case, it is possible to strengthen it by taking specific measures.

The process of increasing digestion or strengthening it is not the same for everyone. It varies from person to person. In that case you have to see who is having problems with which food.

2. Exercise:

Nutritionists believe that all types of physical exercise do not increase digestion. They say that the organs associated with metabolism are on the side of the waist or from the top of the diaphragm to the bottom. According to them, the better the activities in the middle part of the body, the better the digestion process.

If you want to increase the activity of the middle part of the body, you have to do some special exercises. For example, using a revolving chair to sit on a chair makes body movement easier. In case of sitting at the same time, if the twisting method i.e. the upper part of the body is on one side and the lower part is on the other side, then the digestion process is better.

Also, some exercises can be done. For example, while lying down, keep your legs elevated at a 90 degree angle and rotate your legs in two circles, that is, from left to right and from right to left. It works very well.

This type of exercise is also very useful if spot jogging or standing in the same place can be done jogging or light jumping.

3. Food:

If you want to strengthen your digestion, you have to understand the type of food. For example, if there are vegetables in the food, it must be cooked with oil. Again, you have to take care to have lemon with something like meat. In addition, every time you eat a small amount of lemon water, it works very well in digestion. It also helps digestion by touching a little salt on the tongue before starting to eat.

In addition, gut bacteria that speed up the digestion process can be eaten more. Yogurt is the best natural source of these bacteria.

Dr. Tasnim Hasin Papia said, “For those who have digestive problems, eating yogurt therapy or yogurt can be beneficial.”

He said that one and a half to two hundred ml of yoghurt can be consumed at any one time of the day.

4. Adequate sleep:

Nutritionists say that staying up at night has a serious effect on digestion. Nutritionist Syeda Sharmin Akhter said that the amount of oxygen in the environment is less at night. At the same time, most parts of the lungs remain unused at night.

Due to which it is not possible to breathe completely. And when you are awake, all the senses of the human body work, so there is a lack of oxygen in the body, which interferes with the digestive process. That is why it is important to sleep at night to increase digestion or make it more efficient.

5. Breathing Exercises:

Nutritionist Syeda Sharmin Akhter said how well the various functions of the body work depends a lot on whether the body has adequate supply of oxygen. And there is no substitute for oxygen for the process of digestion or absorption. That’s why this nutritionist thinks it is important to do breathing exercises. He said that if you take a deep breath through the nose and exhale through the mouth, the supply of oxygen to the body increases. So that digestion is easy. 

News: BBC Bangla.

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