Mega Prize has started at bKash. Open a new bKash account, get 150 taka bonus and win by referring, motorbike, laptop, smartphone and all the great bonuses!

Mega prize offer for referees started in bKash. If you refer to bKash app now, you will win all the great bonuses including motorbike, laptop, smartphone! There is a more guaranteed 100 taka bonus and 150 taka bonus by opening a new account.

Terms of offer:

  • The referrer will receive a bonus of Rs 100 for each successful referral during the offer. And referrers will be rewarded for referring a certain number of new users.
  • During the offer, you have to download the app from the referral link and log in for the first time to make the transaction. Only then will you get a reward and 100 rupees bonus for referral activation.
  • Winners will be selected after the expiration of the campaign period and proper screening.
  • If multiple referrals make an equal number of successful referrals within the winning range, the first referral will be eligible for the bonus.
    You must download the bKash app and log in for the first time on a device that has never used the bKash app.

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