Nusrat is explaining the filth of intimacy with my male friend: Nikhil

Tollywood actress and MP Nusrat Jahan and her ex-husband Nikhil Jain took a new turn. There was a new twist about the break-up. Nusrat Jahan told the media that he never used the word ‘intercourse’ in terms of his relationship with Nikhil Jain. He has published two lines of legal notice sent by Nikhil to prove his statement. It says that Nikhil was the first to use the word ‘live in’ or ‘cohabitation’, not him.

In an interview to Indian media Anandabazar, Nikhil Palta said, “How can I use the word intercourse? I married him wearing vermilion! Nusrat left my house. I didn’t let him out. When I realized that he would be with Yash now, I sent a legal notice. ”

Incidentally, the term ‘situation’ is used when giving legal notice in such cases. That is, if the relationship with someone has to be severed by law, then it is not possible to have any kind of relationship, intercourse or sexual intercourse with that person. So it is appropriate to use the word ‘intercourse’ in legal language. According to Nikhil, the matter will be clear only after looking at the entire legal notice. Nikhil says that if you read the entire legal notice, you will see that his first line was, ‘I married Nusrat.’

Nikhil further says that the kind of physical relationship that has been indicated with his childhood friend from school is disgusting. Nikhil is also angry at the explanation given about his friend’s sexual relationship with him in the context of that friend’s divorce. In his words, ” He is my childhood friend. My family is very close to his family. Is there such a dirty explanation about that intimacy? ”Nikhil did not want to say more than that on Monday. However, he thinks that Nusrat is married to Yash Dasgupta. Their child Ishan has been born. Nikhil said, “The Nusrat family has got it. Be happy with that. What does he say about me?

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