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BlueAngelHost is one of the most protected hosting services out there. It is said to ignore DMCA notices by 100% and is packed with anti-DDoS traffic. Therefore, whatever you post is kept safe, and if there is a DDoS attack, your data will definitely be safe. Even though it provides a 100% DMCA notice-free service, it strictly prohibits any kind of illegal activity. The level of protection starts from the confirmation process as it is done manually. It takes a few hours before the account is registered.

BlueAngelHost Offshore Hosting

We use Enterprise Grade Hardware to Ensure your Website is always up, and fast.

Moreover, it does also accept cryptocurrency as well as facilitates many other forms of money transfer. BlueAngelHost provides a huge amount of Bandwidth with all its plans. However, the amount though huge varies in different plans. Along with huge bandwidth. hosting bundles also offer DDoS protection. Therefore, you can choose the bundle that suits your requirements. Although all the types offer DMCA free hosting services, for cheap offshore VPS hosting you can go for the OpenVZ plans. However, for resource-intensive hosting, an alternative but the higher-priced option is KVM plans. These are the two virtualization technologies offered by BlueAngelHost.

Why We Love It:

  • Payment through Cryptocurrencies
  • Provides High Amounts of Bandwidth
  • Secure Confirmation Process
  • 24/7 Support
  • Multiple Ways of Money Transfer
  • Features Two Virtualization Technologies

What is Offshore Hosting?

BlueAngelHost Answer : When you think about offshore hosting, many people are unsure as to what this means. It is simply hosting your data, website and applications on a server that is located outside of your country. When you decide to host your website offshore, you must do your homework.

Make sure you are aware of any restrictions for the location. You will also want to make sure that you are able to put your type of business on that host. Privacy is another issue that must be researched.

And finally look to make sure that your host offers everything that you will need to get your online business off the ground. Whenever you are using foreign servers, it can be said that you are engaging in offshore hosting.

Why Do You Need Offshore Hosting?

BlueAngelHost Answer :

  • Many people or business owners want offshore hosting if they are in need of privacy.
  • If you want to host adult, gambling, movie websites, etc. there may be too many restrictions in your country, so you opt for offshore hosting.
  • Also with offshore hosting you can be anonymous.
  • If you are looking to have freedom of speech or freedom of the press, then you may feel the need to have offshore hosting.

What Makes BlueAngelHost Awesome

Free DDOS Protection

Through our DDoS Attack and Intrusion Prevention Solution, we can protect and reduce DDOS threats targeting any kind of online service.

Offshore Hosting

Our servers are located in Offshore location (Bulgaria) which enable us to offer Offshore Hosting services, total privacy, data security, and wide range of accepted content.

Enterprise class Hardware

We always use enterprise-class hardware in our DataCenter which guarantee very low failure rate and high stability during large traffic.

24/7 Support

Our highly-trained engineers and technical support team are always available to assist you with any issue.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

You can now focus on your business, and leave professional hands to worry about the server problems.

Money Back Guarantee

You can try our service and if not fully satisfied you can cancel it in 7 days with complete refund.

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