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Samz Vai is a famous Bengali SingerStage PerformerLyricistMusic Composer, YouTuber. Samz Vai Real Name is Sakib Ahmed. He is well known on Youtube. He has sung many cover songs on his Youtube channel ‘Samz Vai Official‘ which has over 1.1M Subscribers. On this official channel, he has published a new song. Samz Vai became more popular for his so many songs goes viral which has Million views on his YouTube channel. Numerous of his songs released by ‘Eagle Music’ & ‘Soundtek’ have gone viral. Also, he is famous on Facebook for his songs. He has over 125k followers on his Facebook page.

Singer Samz Vai was born on 22 November 2000 in Chandpur, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Samz Vai age 21 years. He belongs to a middle-class Muslim family. He was very interested in music since childhood, He started practicing music at an early age. He gained popularity by working in several Music Productions in Bangladesh since he was a teenager.

Samz Vai Wikipedia, Bio

Samz Vai Age: 21 years
Samz Vai Date of Birth: 22 November 2000
Samz Vai ProfessionSinger, Lyricist, Composer, Stage Performer, YouTuber
Samz Vai Family: Father – Unknown, Mother- Unknown
Samz Vai Real Name: Sakib Ahmed
Samz Vai Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Samz Vai Place of Birth: Chandpur, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Samz Vai Phone Number: +880 1624-406417
Samz Vai Whatsapp Number: +880 1624-406417
Samz Vai Email:
Samz Vai School: Unknown
Samz Vai College: Unknown
Samz Vai Educational Qualification: Graduated
Samz Vai Wife/Girlfriend: Unknown
Samz Vai Net Worth (annually): 30-50 Lakhs BDT
Samz Vai Height: 5’4” (5 feet 4 inches)
Samz Vai Weight: 60kg
Samz Vai Religion: Muslim
Samz Vai Nationality: Bangladeshi
Samz Vai Instagram: Click Here
Samz Vai TwitterClick Here
Samz Vai Facebook PageClick Here (148k Followers)
Samz Vai Youtube ChannelClick Here (1.1M subscribers)

Samz Vai Bio, Biodata and Career

Samz Vai has been very interested in music since childhood. He uploads his first video on YouTube on 16 September 2017. In the beginning, his video views were very less but still, he kept uploading videos on Youtube. And within a few months, Samz Vai’s video went viral, resulting in a huge increase in his Subscribers and followers. Then his popularity increasing sharply on social media. He currently has over 1.1M subscribers on Youtube, and 148k followers on Facebook as of May 2021. Samz Vai mainly earns income from Music productions, Youtube channel, Facebook page, and stage performance. Currently working with a big Bangladeshi music production like Eagle MusicSoundtekSix Seasons Multimedia has gained popularity.

Samz Vai Education

Samz Vai completed his schooling at Chandpur, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Samz Vai Net Worth

Samz Vai earns money from various sources such as Singing music production songs, YouTube channels video Monetization, and event appearances, Stage Performance. He did no share his Earning details publically, from various sources his Net Worth is approximately 30-50 Lakhs BDT annually.

Samz Vai Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Profile

Samz Vai has big fan followers on YouTube (1.1M subscribers) and Facebook (148k followers as of May 2021). Every day he shares songs, photos, personal lifestyle, Short videos, professional photoshoots, event appearances, and Music videos. Day by day his popularity increasing sharply.

Samz Vai Instagram: Click Here
Samz Vai TwitterClick Here
Samz Vai Facebook PageClick Here (148k Followers)
Samz Vai Youtube ChannelClick Here (1.1M subscribers)

Samz Vai Contact Details

Samz Vai official Email: His personal phone number or contact number or Whatsapp number is +880 1624-406417. You can contact him through social media profile private message.

Samz Vai Family

Samz Vai’s father’s name and his mother’s name are unknown.

Samz Vai Songs 2021, 2020, 2019 Download

* Shuker Prohor (2017)
* Mon Mane Na (2018)
* Opekkhay (2018)
* Koto Valobashi (2018)
* Ore Ovimani (2018)
* Tore Value Jawar Lagi ami valobasini (2018)
* Ajo Eka (2018)
* Valobasha Amar (2018)
* Hayre ki Kopal (2018)
* Koto Valobashi (2019)
* Ki Maya Lagaili (2019)
* Tomar Proitikkhay (2019)
* Share (2019)
* Ghum Valobashi (2019)
* Amar Moner Majhe Tui-Chara Keu Na (2019)
* Ghum Chole Jabe (2019)
* Cholonamoyee (2019)
* Vetorta Jalay Gela (2020)
* Kande Mon Amar (2020)
* Kandi Tomar Karone (2020)
* Tore Value Jaoar Lagi-2 (2020)
* Keno Eto Dure (2020)
* Piriti Ki Nesha (2020)
* Akhi Dutir Arale (2020)
* Bhalobese Dile Faki (2020

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