text with font size 0pt should be invisible, rather than in small font

If for some piece of text the following CSS specification is applied “font-size: 0pt;”, that text should be made invisible. Mozilla 0.9.1 uses just small font for it (approx 7pt). It’s a severe limitation. IE 5 makes text invisible, and it’s extremely useful – e.g. using this feature you can turn “annotated version” of your document to “not annotaed” by just setting font size to 0pt in CSS for “div.annotation” style (provided all annotations are enclosed as “<div class=annotation></div>’).

To Christopher Hoess: yes, “

display: none;

” works fine in IE and Mozilla. But font size == 0 is OK per CSS2 spec too.

font-size: 0pt

” doesn’t make the text invisible on IE5/win98, it makes it 1px high.

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