The seven kinds of people will find shade under the Throne on the Day of Resurrection

Sayyidul Mursalin Khatamunnabiyyin Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), the greatest human being of all time, has been sent to this world as a mercy for the world. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

His every word, deed, approval, instruction, order, prohibition and advice is the messenger of the welfare of this world and the hereafter. He is the teacher of the whole human race. His timeless ideals and eloquence have guided him through the ages, enlightening the human race.

On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will place seven kinds of people in His cool shade. Hazrat Abu Hurairah, the Companion who narrates the most hadiths, narrates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, Allah will place seven kinds of people in His cool shade on the Day of Resurrection. On that day there will be no shadow except His shadow. The lucky ones are-

1. Judge or ruler or leader.

2. A young man engaged in the worship of the great God.

3. A person with a heart associated with mosques.

4. The two people who are friends and united only for the sake of Allah and that is why they are separated again.

5. A man whom a beautiful woman of noble lineage has called to evil deeds; But he said, I fear God.

. The one who gives alms so secretly that even his left hand does not know what his right hand is doing and

. A person who remembers Allah in solitude and tears flow from his eyes (crying) (Bukhari and Muslim)

Written by Imam Muhiuddin Yahya An-Nawabi (Rah :), compiled from the book Riyadussalehin translated by Hafiz Muhammad Habibur Rahman.

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