Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in Bangladesh 2022

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After the liberation battle of Bangladesh, the Insurance enterprise started out its adventure in Bangladesh underneath the Insurance organisation Act. At first, there are best 3 insurance employer started out their adventure and supplying services in the entire of Bangladesh. But nowadays it is increasing day-by way of-day.

An coverage organization is a financial enterprise that gives such styles of services to the customers. Among them, life coverage is excellent for the customers and this economic organisation continuously facilitates our nearby humans for their monetary disaster.

The government of Bangladesh additionally contributes coverage corporations for the Bangladeshi people. Under the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh (IDRA) continually try to broaden the rules and regulations day-by-day.

There are such a lot of coverage groups to be had in Bangladesh. Today I am speaking amongst them the “10 Insurance Companies in Bangladesh” that help you with all kinds of Business, General Top, Personal Accident, Home, Travel, Life, Health and Auto insurance services.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Insurance Companies in Bangladesh:


The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) previously known as American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) is a very ancient insurance company started its journey in 1952 in Bangladesh. This insurance company came here from America for the needs of Bangladeshi people. From 1952 they successfully fulfill the expectations of the people and take a lot of space from them and it also helps to give employment opportunities to a million Bangladeshi people. Recently MetLife achieved “Superbrands Bangladesh Award 2020-2021”.

Delta Life Insurance Co Ltd

Private Insurance Companies in Bangladesh are started their journey in 1984 to get permission from the government of Bangladesh. Delta Life Insurance Company Limited was situated in Motijheel, Uttara Bank Bhaban. The mission of this insurance company to provide high-quality insurance services like western countries.

Jiban Bima Corporation

Jiban Bima Corporation is a government-funded and state-owned insurance company in Bangladesh that started its journey in 1973 in Motijheel, Dhaka under the Insurance Act and Regulations. The name of this Insurance Company comes from the Bengali Language.

Popular Life Insurance Co Ltd. (PLICL)

Popular Life Insurance Company Limited was established in 2000 under the Insurance Act. In Motijheel, Dhaka. This company achieved the trust of the citizen’s in Bangladesh by giving several schemes or more direct benefits. There are hundreds of agents who are working in this insurance company.

Sandhani Life Insurance Co.Ltd

Since 1990, Sandhani Life Insurance Company Limited is one of the leading life insurance company in Bangladesh. They’re providing their services all around the areas of Bangladesh and increasing the financial change in society. They have so many microinsurance segments that provide more services and creating a long change in society.

Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited

It was started for the growth of the people and nation. It was established in 1996 in Biman Bhaban Motijheel, Dhaka. They always try to provide their services at perfect and right prices. They gain a good reputation from the people for a short time.

Takaful Islami Insurance Ltd

If you want to get insurance facilities with an Islamic Sharia, Then it is the best insurance company for you for getting financial services. Takaful Islami Insurance Limited providing its services with a unique nature in Islamic schemes both for nonlife and life too. Most of the people in this country are Muslims. So, this insurance company launched so many projects for Muslims. They provide all types of services for the people. That’s why they easily take a lot of space and love from the people.

Pragati Insurance Company Limited

The company provides its financial services on a non-life basis. That’s why; it is called the non-life insurance company that submitted their schemes like machine insurance, accident insurance, home insurance, and factory-based insurance, and others. They successfully running their insurance journey and prove their best performance about that.

Padma Life Insurance Company Ltd

They mainly provide their schemes on life-based insurance. This insurance company is located in Rupali Bima Bhaban, Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can choose the schemes as your choice that you can get high or minimum returns. All types of services are provided by this insurance company for the people.

Sunlife Insurance Company Ltd

The company was established in 2000 for the development of various business fields, customer security, and others. The reached people and take the top insurance position in Bangladesh. Mainly they focus on the smallest family in the society. They are sufficiently protected and security of all kinds of people that make this a successful Insurance Company.

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