Top 15 Most Quirky And Captivating Facts About France You Did Not Know Before

France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world visited by millions of tourists every year. The capital of France is Paris. French, is the only official language of France. More persons are talking French in Africa than in France.

The Top 15 Most Quirky And Captivating Facts About France You Did Not Know Before – France Interesting Facts 2020

Top 15 Amazing And Stunning Facts You Might Not Know About France Before:


France 2019 populace is evaluated at 65,129,728 individuals at mid-year as indicated by UN information. France’s populace is comparable to 0.84% of the all-out total populace. France positions to number 22 in the rundown of nations (and conditions) by the populace.

Most Visited Country

As indicated by the World Tourism Organization, France got over 89 million vacationers in 2018, making it the most visited nation on the planet.

Stop Sign

There’s just one STOP sign in the whole city of Paris

Most Time Zones

France utilizes 12 diverse time zones

Wed Dead

In France, it is allowed to marry a dead individual.

Shortest Reign

Louis XIX was King for the Shortest Time

Restricted Supermarkets to Throw Away Unsold Food

In 2016, France turned into the main nation on the planet to prohibit grocery stores and nourishment stores from discarding unsold nourishment. They chose shops must give wastage to nourishment banks or philanthropies.

Oldest Ever Human

Jeanne Louise Calment is the world’s most seasoned ever human. She lived 122 years and 164 days, as per the Guinness Book of World Records.

License Plate

France was the first nation in the world to present the license plate.

Same-sex marriage

France authorized same-sex marriage in 2013, making it the ninth nation in Europe and fourteenth on the planet to legitimize same-sex marriage.

Condom Vending Machines

In France, about 96% of secondary schools have condom vending machines

World’s first fake heart transplant and face transplant

French specialists were additionally, the first to play out a face transplant in 2005. The heart transplant happened in December 2013 at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris.

Most Visited Museum

The Louver Museum in Paris was the most visited museum on the planet in 2018 with an astounding 8.1 million guests

Highest Mountain

Mont Blanc is Europe’s highest mountain

Busiest Railroad Station

Paris Gare du Nord is Europe’s busiest railroad station with an astounding 190 million travelers spending as the year progressed

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