Top 5 Best VPN Services in 2022

Getting the best device that fits your wishes is constantly tough. There are some folks that need to preserve their commercial enterprise facts secured and there are some those who may additionally find a website blocked in their region and they want to unblock it. In this manner, they find it extremely tough to select the best VPN for his or her commercial enterprise or man or woman use. In these situations, you don’t have to worry about deciding on a VPN.

Here, we bring you the 20 nice VPN services which could assure your permanent safety, safety and might unblock geo-blocked content material for you. You don’t ought to choose. You can be without difficulty capable of make your browsing revel in secure and secured. Our pointers are primarily based on the pricing of the VPN, its capabilities, and the advantages it may offer to you or your enterprise.

What is a VPN?

While browsing or searching for something online, several types of threats circulate around your data. User data is always sensitive and no user wants to share their personal information like credit cards information, passwords, and browsing history. To keep your data hidden from any type of hackers or attackers who are always there to get a chance and steal your data, you must take some necessary precautions before going online on the world wide web to keep your data and identity hidden from the online world. In this case, a Virtual Private network (VPN) is your best partner and companion to save all of your data against all the situations mentioned above.

A VPN hides your IP address while browsing online so that nobody can access your data. It gives you data leak protection with its end-to-end encryption technology. A VPN simply creates a layer of security while you perform different online activities. It hides your IP address against your ISP and the website you are connected to. That’s how it keeps your identity anonymous on the world wide web. You appear to be in another location while connected to a VPN.

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN uses advanced protocols like WIreGuard and an encryption technology such as, AES-256-bit encryption. A protocol is simply a set of instruction give to the computer to tell the machine how it is supposed to communicate with the server. The VPN uses tunneling protocols to convey your information to the site you are connected. On the way, the information you provide is encrypted and gets decrypted while reaching the VPN server. Then it is sent through a virtual tunnel and the IP address of yours is converted into another IP address. So, it becomes harder for the ISP and trackers to track your activities online.

Does VPN Actually Work?

There are many VPN providers that does not claim to be 100% legit. That is why we will be guiding you about the Virtual network services that are 100% legit and work according to their claims keeping your sensitive information online protected and secured against different types of threats.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a VPN

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a VPN are mentioned down below:


  • AES-256-bit encryption make all the
  • Netflix libraries can be unlocked instantly
  • Access geo-blocked websites with one click
  • Your browsing experience will be smooth and super secured


  • Internet speed lags and does not remain constant.

Surfshark VPN:


A great and stable virtual private whose availability is for all devices including Mac and Linux based devices. Not long enough the company was introduced the world but now, Surfshark’s VPN has become one of the most known VPN in the world.  With more than 1,700 servers, Surfshark has spread its services across 63 different nations on the world.

One major feature provided by the company is that the VPN supports unlimited connections allowing the users to unblock Netflix and other streaming services alongside all the geo-blocked sites in your region. As the VPN is based in British Virgin Islands it becomes extremely reliable and secured for its users. Surfshark company provides different tools like VPN and private search tools as well.

Company received the first approval seal back in 2019. Since the release the VPN has done enough to get its name written in the best list of virtual private networks in the 2020. This VPN tool uses the advanced 256-bit-encryption which makes it secured from all sort of hackers and attackers online. It comes with the most advanced protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN. Company has also allowed the torrenting and tunneling through the VPN which is not often provided by many VPN providers.

Surfshark allows its users to stream HD Netflix content from US based library which is a plus point of this VPN. Many people just buy a VPN because of its ability to unlock geo-blocked content in their region. So, if you want to enjoy Netflix or you are willing to make your company’s or your data super secured and safe from hackers and attackers on the world wide web you can give this VPN a go and it will provide all the security to streaming features in lesser price than many other Virtual private networks.

An additional feature added by the company is the use of Multi-Hop technology which simply routes the user data from two different servers to make it more secure and less open to threats.

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  • Advanced features like Multi-Hop technology make this VPN a game changer
  • Lightning fast with advanced security features
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure
  • Allows Netflix content unblocking
  • Equipped with AES-256-bit encryption.


  • The renewal fee is high



ExpressVPN is the oldest yet the best VPN. ExpressVPN has been providing its services to 90+ countries. As many VPN companies do not provide their services in many countries such as, China. Because of their strict policies against virtual private networks.

ExpressVPN claims that the VPN works in China as well which is a highlighted feature of the VPN. According to the tests we conducted, we have received the speeds up to 120 Mbps, which means your browsing experience is going to be super-fast. The VPN is easy to use because of its interior design. Yes! the UI of ExpressVPN is extremely easy to understand and navigate. The VPN is available for all type of devices. Whether you are Mac user or a windows user, ExpressVPN got you covered with its ultra-fast desktop and Mac applications.

ExpressVPN Is equipped with AES-256-bit encryption, which means your activities on world wide web are transmitted through secured channels with advanced tunneling protocols. ExpressVPN is a great choice if you want to use this VPN for Multiplayer online gaming services because, its servers are lightning fast and the VPN allows gamers to connect to their desired locaiton in no time, and assures that their will be no lag while playing games. ExpressVPN can also unblock Netflix content of US based library which is simply amazing.

Now you can enjoy Netflix movies and shows that are not available to watch in your region. Not all VPN providers come with these types of amazing features that can enhance your security, gaming and unblocking geo-blocked content as well

ExpressVPN is also famous because of their strict no-logging policy which assures a user that its data is not stored or stacked by the company. Company keeps no logs and provides the best security alongside a kill switch and tunneling protocols. Customer support is friendly and cooperative in all cases. Get the assistance through live chat or through email option according to your desires.



  • Simple user interface
  • No logs policy
  • Split-tunneling
  • Open-sourced browser extension.
  • Netflix can be unblocked using this VPN


  • Not available to download in Indian Playstore

IPVanish VPN:


IPVanish is one of the top-notch VPN providers that are facilitating people with cheap and affordable prices. Company Is based in United States it assures the safety as the company is under the command of 5 eyes. Now you can enjoy the lightning fast IPVanish VPN which has more than 1,600 servers across 70+ location on the map.

If you want a VPN that provides All-in-1 features like security, safety, secured information and unblocking geo-blocked content on the internet you can always go for IPVanish VPN because, this VPN comes with advanced encryption techniques, having the ability to unblock Netflix content of UK based library and It can unblock any website that is not accessible in your region.

Simple user interface is always eye-catchy. That’s why most of the big brands keep their applications simple and attractive. Whether these applications are desktop-based applications or they are used for Mobile phones. IPVanish keeps its application super clean and highly attractive towards the user’s eyes. The company has also made sure that their tool is available for all devices. Yes! you can download the application on your Mac, Linux based system, Windows operating system or you can download the VPN app from playstore or Apple’s Appstore depending on your system.

The tunneling protocol strategies are helping the VPN to overcome the speed issue while playing online games or while browsing. As the speed is the main concern for many people who browse on the world wide web while connected to the VPN. Several vendors do not reach their claims on the VPN speed as it slows down the internet connections and ruins the overall user experience. IPVanish is a customer-driven company that is maintaining its virtual private network speeds according to their claims.

As far as customer support is the main concern, they are very well mannered and supportive team available 24/7 assisting their customers.

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  • Advanced and reliable VPN
  • No logs policy
  • Super-fast and easy to use
  • Netflix geo-blocked content can be unblocked easily
  • Reasonable prices


  • Under the command of 5 eyes.

Ivacy VPN:


Internet is always dangerous and unpredictable when it comes to privacy of its users. There are a lot of data grabbers and malicious websites online who are willing to steal a person’s data and can misuse their data. So, to stay safe from the websites like these you surely need a VPN like Ivacy VPN, which is one of the best VPN is the VPN race to protect your data and to keep your data safe from hackers.

Ivacy lets you access the geo-restricted data that is not available to access or watch in your region. That content includes Netflix streaming or unblocking Netflix libraries that are blocked in your country or it can be a website that isn’t available to access in your country. Ivacy lets you enjoy all these services anytime or anywhere around the globe.

Ivacy gives unlimited bandwidth with split tunneling and limitless speeds. Ivacy’s kill switch makes it more popular for its users. Ivacy allows 10 simultaneous connections at once. You can add 10 devices at once and can get rid of logging into VPN again and again.

Isn’t it just perfect for someone who takes the device connections on the highest priority? Founded in 2007, Ivacy is concerned to make the digital world more and secure for everyone. This VPN will provide your data the safety and integrity your need.

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  • Easy to use and equipped with advanced protocols
  • Includes the strict no-logs policy
  • Extremely fast speeds
  • Easy-to-navigate and ease of use


  • For Mac users sadly, there is no kill switch option

Fastest VPN:

Fastest VPN

This amazing VPN is new in the race of best virtual private networks. Most of the time, a user data is hacked because of connecting to a public WIFI or in a public place. FastestVPN keeps the user data private from harsh eyes. There are many platforms that are unable to get VPN services thoroughly, but FastestVPN is available to use for all devices including Mac devices, iOS-based devices, Android or Fire TV.

FastestVPN has made sure its availability on more than 20 platforms which creates absolute ease for its users across the whole world. Applications for all the devices have the same features.

In case of traveling the world while sitting at your home, FastestVPN can be your best friend and it can take you on a world tour without a flight by simply unblocking all the geo-blocked content. Connecting to the VPN is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to open the application and connect to the desired server. The VPN configures itself automatically and lets you enjoy a more open internet through your favorite server.

FastestVPN comes with a 3-year plan, 1-plan, and 1-month plan. You can simply save a lot of money when buying this VPN because it can provide you with all the features that you need at a very reasonable price. You can have the 3-year plan within a price of as low as 1.11$ per month save up to 320$. You can contact customer support when needed through live chat or email. They are extremely cooperative and friendly.

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  • Super-fast and easy-to-use
  • Company made it available for all the platforms
  • 3 year-plan is extremely cheap


  • A good choice, but surely not the best one

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