Top 5 LP Gas Companies in Bangladesh

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas stands for liquefied Petroleum Gas and it also call as Autogas or cyllinder Gas. LPS consists particularly of propane, propylene, butane, and butylene in numerous combos. Moreover, it is also a derivative of natural fuel and petroleum refining.

LPG means Liquefied petroleum gas and this is very fast growing sector in Bangladesh due lack of natural gas availability in our country. LPG is combination of hydrocarbon gases which is used as fuel in our kitchen as a cooking equipment and fuel gas for vehicles. This proportion of mixture is 48% propane, 50% butane, and 2% pentane.

Top five list of LP Gas Companies in Bangladesh

  1. Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd
  2. INDEX LP GAS Limited
  3. Jamuna Gas® 
  4. Orion Gas Ltd
  5. LAUGFS Gas (Bangladesh) Ltd

Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd

Bashundhara LP Gas Limited started it journey in the year of 1999 as he First Private LP Gas importing, bottling and marketing company in Bangladesh.

It is a sister concern of conglomerate Bashundhara Group and has aim to make our country more natural gas efficient that will contribute to develop Bangladesh.

Products item : 12 KG, 30 KG, 45 KG.
Bashundhara LP Gas
Contact Address :
Plot # 56/A, Block#C, 2nd Avenue, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka 1229.
Phone : +880 2 8431256
+880 2 8431257, 8431258, +88 01938-873244, 01938-878795, 01975-559914, 01938-878713
Factory address :
Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd.,
Mongla Port Industrial Area, Mongla,
Bagerhat, Bangladesh.
Land Phone : 04662-75377, 75134-5
Website :


Index LP Gas is a sister concern of INDEX GROUP and it is a private Bangladeshi company. They have cylinder bottling and distribution business for industrial, household and automobile markets in Bangladesh.

Products : 12.5 KG, 33 KG, 45 KG.
Address :
50, Habib Super Market (3rd Floor)
Gulshan South Avenue, Gulshan Circle-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Phone (Marketing) : +88 (02) 9850847- 49, 9850856,
Mobile : 01841INDEX2-5, +88 01841841747, +88 01841841737
Website address : |

Jamuna Gas® / Jamuna Spacetech Joint Venture Limited (JSJVL)
It is very popular and large Gas company and Jamuna Spacetech Joint Venture Limited (JSJVL) started its operation in Bangladesh named as Jamuna Gas®.


Products : Cylinder & Gas (5.5 KG, 12 KG, 12.5 KG, 30 KG).
Address :
87 Suhrawardi Avenue (2nd floor) Block – K,
Baridhara, Gulshan, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh.
Land Phone : + 880 2 8859952, 8824940, 989 6607
Web :

Orion Gas Ltd.

Orion Gas Ltd is a sister concern of Orion group. They have a good coverage of distributing LP Gas all over Bangladesh with affordable price.

Bottled and bulk LP Gas in different pack sizes as :

Domestic : 12 kg
Commercial : 35 kg, 45 kg
Factory: Mongla Industry area
Website :

BM LP Gas / BM Energy Bangladesh Ltd.

BM LP Gas / BM Energy Bangladesh Ltd is a join venture company between Netherlands and Bangladesh and it is one of the largest LPG distribution company in Bangladesh.

It started it’s business journey as LP Gas in Bangladesh in 2012 . It has mission that they will help the country to be more energy efficient for natural gas.

Contact Address :
House # 316, Road # 21, New DOHS,
Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh.
Land Phone : 02-9884374, +88-01777740171
Web :

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