[UPDATE] GP Minute Code 2021

GP is one of the leading public telecommunication mobile operators in Bangladesh which is universal mobile phone access all over Bangladesh. It is the first mobile operator that provided a 4G, 5G network for its users. In recent times, a lot of people use the GP network, because the operator provides the best services to its users. Sometimes, many people are finding the minute package information of GP, but most of them are remaining unable to know it. If you are also interested in it, then the post for you. Please continue reading the article to get all the minute pack information about the GP network.

GP Minute Code 2021

GP network gives the best advantage with its minute pack. For this reason, the GP network is very popular with the people of Bangladesh. The GP operator provides many types of minute pack services such as 10 minutes, 100 minutes, 200 minutes, 500 minutes bundle, etc with the best price. I have collected all the GP minutes pack code and presented them in the list below. If you need the information, you have to follow the article respectively until the end. So follow the article.

GP Minute Pack Code

I have already presented all the GP-minute pack codes which are the best prices’ bundle on the list below. I garnished the minute list with its price, activation code, and validity. So no more delay, let’s go to collect the information which you need.

Total Minute Price Activation Code Validity
10 Minutes Tk. 6 *121*4024# 06 hours
21 Tk. 14 *121*4001# 16 hours
25 Tk. 16 *121*4207# 24hours
37 Tk. 24 *121*4002# 24 hours
67 Tk. 44 *121*4003# 4 days
85 Minutes + 50 SMS Tk. 53 * 121 * 4004 # 07 days
100 Tk. 64 * 121 * 4206 # 07 days
120 Tk. 78 *121*4026# 07 days
125 Tk. 78 * 121 * 4026 # 07 days
160 Tk. 99 * 111 * 300 # 07 days
200 Tk. 113 *121*4007# 10 days
330 Tk. 199 *121*4018# 30 days
350 Tk. 233 *121*4008# 15 days
500 Minutes Tk. 307 *121*4208# 30 days

GP Minute Check Code

I have all the minute pack list of GP network on the list. You can buy any type of minute bundle which you like. If you buy any minute bundle of GP, you will maybe want to check your minute. So I will share the check code of the minute bundle with you. The check code of any minute bundle is *121*1*4#. You can check any type of internet bundle and another bundle with the code which I gave. The code only for GP users.

I am going to finish the article at this time. I hope that I presented all the minute bundles information of the best mobile network GP. I also hope that the article will help you in many ways and it is beneficial to you. Please share the information with your familiar person if the article is benefited to you. Moreover, if you need any more information about the GP operator or any other network, then please visit another site or scribe a comment on the comment box below. Thank you for remaining with me in a long run.

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